Commercial Real Estate

ODS helps realtors, home owners, investors, and companies market their properties with High-Quality Aerial photos and videos.  


ODS helps companies check the process of their work, show new perspectives of the work site, show documentation, and even put together cinematic marketing videos with High-Quality photos and videos.  


ODS helps companies inspect bridges, buildings, houses, roads, etc through high-quality imagery and videos. 2-D/3-D Maps are now available for inspections! 

Golf Courses

ODS helps golf courses market their courses with High-Quality Eagle-eye views. See the same view your ball does when it's soring through the sky. Close fly-by's, stills, and high up overview shots can be preformed for any golf course or hole. 


ODS helps you with your next custom project. Just click the button below and send us a message.  

3-D Mapping

ODS helps companies create high-resolution 3-D maps and models by using aerial image stitching photogrammetry software. With 3-D maps and models, you can analyze data across industries: agriculture, construction, insurance and more!  


ODS helps companies keep track of their job site with the developer services. With weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly high-quality stills and videos you can track progress and stay up to date with each one of your job sites. Ask us about our 360 timelapse. 


With a UAS LiDar system, you can create extremely high detail 2-D and 3-D maps cheap and efficiently. (LIDAR coming soon) 

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All images and videos on this site cannot be used without the permission of ODS, LLC.

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